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^^”I didn’t know how much I needed YouTube videos until I started getting emails from people asking me why I wasn’t on YouTube. Micah from Ascend Marketing made the creation of these videos simple. Creating the videos was like having a conversation with a friend about the Citrus Twist Kits products: it was comfortable, fun and easier than I could have imagined. Not only did Micah make the videos, but he helped them be found on the internet. I began getting comments on the videos right away and saw results–new customers–within a week and continue to get customers from those same videos. If you haven’t taken the plunge to get some YouTube presence, Micah and Ascend Marketing is a great place to begin to get immediate results.”–Trina Craig, Citrus Twist Kits

^^”I’ve never seen a company have such a complete solution for all aspects of marketing.  Ascend got us lots of leads coming in every day.  Maybe my favorite part is that I can now take credit cards which has increased my business 20 times!”–Alex Silva, Pro Roofing NW Inc.

^^”I finally feel like I have a presence online.  People look for gutters and call me.  It’s really nice to a good marketing company behind me.”–Derrin Watson, Premier Home Repairs Inc.

^^”I contacted Micah because there were some things I just didn’t understand about my website and SEO.  Even though I wasn’t a regular client, he made time for me and treated me very kindly and tried to educate me on those things I didn’t understand.  He gave me a ton of very useful information and walked me through SEO for my website.  I really, really appreciate what he did for me.  I also know that I can use him for a resource when I need one.”–Bonnie Hamilton, Bonnie’s Best

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