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Social media is the fundamental way people unite and chat online.  It seems that there are endless ways for people to do this. Probably the most common platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Although the above mentioned are popular new mediums to share are being imagined daily!

Sharing your companies’ media and message socially is very powerful because it puts your product or service in the direct line of sight people making purchasing decisions.

Here is a practical example of how social media can work for your business:

  • Read Sally’s Story!

    Sally has a salon where she does hair coloring and styling.  Sally is way too busy working IN her business to work ON her business so she hires Ascend Marketing who manages all her social platforms.

    • The first thing we do is get thousands of immediate followers which make Sally’s business look super legit across her social platforms.  Now when people visit her social pages they want to follow her business and “like” it because so many other people have.  She now has instant credibility.
    •  Then we shares her story and information across multiple public forums.  She message is hitting Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. multiple times a month.
    • Then we make and customize cool graphics and custom image which draw major interest.  People want to take a second and check out the post we’ve made on Sally’s behalf because it’s engaging and interesting.  Then people share and like it spreading her message even farther.
    • We would then create handout pages for her to pass along to her clients, email out to her lists, snail mail, and of course leave in homes depending on the industry.  These handouts would encourage clients and potential clients to like and follow Sally.
    • We would also strategize with her on her campaign.  Now Sally is working with an experienced team rather than flying solo.
  • How it works

    Here is what happens: Her clients are now seeing her message every couple days.  She is top-of-mind.  We call this retention marketing and referral marketing.

    We control the content, and it’s all awesome!  So after time what do Sally’s clients think about her business?  They think what they see, and it’s all good!  So they think nothing but good about her business, and they want to keep coming.

    Her customers also want to tell others about Sally.  They also have Sally’s message in the front of their minds and if ever asked they speak right up.

  • Post Characteristics

    • All our posts are written in a way that encourages an exchange of ideas.
    • All our posts are customized for your target market and audience.  You choose who your ideal client is and we gear our message for them and to them.
    • We will also build applications into the site which will capture emails, subscribers, followers, promote posts, run ads, etc.
  • Social Media Advertising Campaign

    Now it’s time to really ramp it up with an ad campaign. Once we nail down your ideal customer we sort through the data collected on Facebook and begin to market specifically and directly to those ideal clients. That means your target market is becoming aware of your business.

    And your followers are growing each passing day. You are sending messages to your perfect demographic over and over again. They will start to believe your message and buy into what you are selling. This can be extremely powerful especially since your base is the perfect client of yours. From a targeted Facebook advertising campaign you will get:

    • More referrals as you are on the top of their minds. When they need a hair stylist they think of the first one that pops into their mind!
    • Better retention as your campaign carries on because your message to your clients will strengthen and become gospel to them. You control the information they see about you. They will want to stay with you for what you offer and even more, because of the comfort level they have grown to have with you!



Now This is the power of marketing socially with Ascend!

With communal messaging, customers are interacting with your trademark and talking about it with their sphere of contacts so your business has multiple sales people working for it!

Social media is characteristically not the nucleus of a marketing plan; more of a burst really.  If someone were construction a big-hot fire the social aspect of the fire would be the lighter fluid sprayed into the fire.  Social media will ignite content, so it’s really important to establish a content base.  Fortunately Ascend can help with that too!  Videos and blogs are fantastic for a content base!

Social media done properly will get everybody discussion your business message.

Advertising through social media will help you grow your audience in multiple ways.  It will help you interact with your customers and strengthen retention.

The longer you engage the more followers you will get.  The more people talk the more energy will be created.  Keep it up and your business will experience the difference!

Let’s get customers talking about you right now! Ascend Marketing will make that happen. Call 360.553.1043 to set up a free initial meeting.