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Your company is unique, and your marketing needs to be unique enough to match that.  We understand that, and we don’t want to put you into a box of the one thing we know how to do if it doesn’t fit your plan.  That’s why we created a company with a well-rounded marketing and management approach in mind.

There are so many ways to get your information in front of people, but most companies specialize in one or two ways to market.  Not us!  We specialize in all of them!

We have put together a team of people who are fantastic at what they do.  Each of our team members is an expert in their specialized field.  Our designers, for example, are some of the finest around.  They only do design, and they are crazy good at it!  Our guys have worked for projects such as Halo, Gears of War, Xbox, Kinnect, Scholastic, Becker & Mayer, OR, and more!

Our SEO experts totally rock at optimizing content on websites, writing metadata, creating link wheels, etc.  We sit atop with the best around!  Most SEO companies only know or do one type of SEO where Ascend is different is our knowledge of SEO as a whole.  We’re able to utilize techniques for all types of SEO (On and Off Page) even including social media SEO.

This pattern continues with video and blog marketing, social media, AdWords campaigns, website development and management, etc.  The point?  Our team is top tier, but not just at one thing.  We are top shelf at all forms of online marketing.

BUT our most special attribute is not actually in the execution of the marketing and advertising, but our ability to create a holistic marketing strategy for your unique business.  It’s the aptitude and capacity to step back and see the whole picture.  Putting a plan together and running the analytics on that plan separate Ascend from every other digital marketer in the Seattle market.

Now let’s look at a couple core concepts to online marketing.

Drive Traffic!

At the core of everything you’ll need to drive traffic to your website. We use 3 primary methods.

1] SEO – We rank you in the organic sections of the search engines so people see you first and give you the first chance at business. For more about internet marketing using SEO please (CLICK HERE)

2] AdWords – With AdWords you can bid on keywords potential customers may by typing in. You’ll appear on top of the organic section and on the right side as well. For more about online marketing with AdWords please (CLICK HERE)

3] Targeted Social Media Ads – Our primary source of social ads is through Facebook. We will identify your ideal client and serve them ads in a number of creative ways. As they see the ads they will click on them and you’ll have a new visitor! For more information about Targeted Facebook Ads please (CLICK HERE)

Keep that traffic!

Now that the traffic is coming to your business website you’ll want to market to them again and again. This is called remarketing. There are a few different ways to “re” market to your customers.

1] Remarketing AdWords Campaign – As visitors land on your site we will tag them and follow them around the web. As they visit other sites your banner ads will appear to them as they shop reminding them of their visit to your site. Impression are FREE which means you only pay if they click on the ad and land back on your site. Learn more about marketing online through remarketing by (CLICKING HERE)

2] Social Postings – As you gain followers on your social sites such as Facebook your audience will obviously increase which means that every message you post ends up in front of more and more people. This can be a powerful tool as you share the messages you’re most interested in potential customers knowing about your business. To learn more about social media posting please (CLICK HERE)


Your business needs are different than the competing company from down the street.  Only a company who does it all can truly customize a plan for you.  You need to be an individual to ascend; and we’ll be the firm to carry you to the top like a Sherpa would!

Use the drop down menu above or the link chart below you find the area of marketing you’re most interested in.

~OR~ Call us today and schedule a complimentary consultation.

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SEO, Website Design, Graphic Design, Directory Listings, Reputation Management, Social Media, Content Marketing, Remarketing and AdWords, Consulting, and even Credit Card Processing!


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