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The reality of SEO

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You’ll need a Seattle SEO Expert to truly be Competition in Search

A good Seattle SEO Expert can make you the title holder of you industry and can help your company lock up the top spot in Google and Bing search with proper “White Hat” optimization techniques. With Ascend Marketing and Consulting you can also have greater search presence for company on the Eastside with proper Bellevue SEO.


You’re not just investing in your site’s position on Google you’re asking a SEO expert to invest in your business and believe in you and what you do.  It’s important this online firm understands and internalizes your dream; and speaking of dreams, can you imagine real customers calling you on the actual phone asking you for what you have?  Your website will be working for you even while you’re sleeping, but being on top for what potential clients are searching for in the key.  Just think; search engines are always updating techniques which make the competition high.  Let us stay on top of this for you!

Why we are worthy of your SEO business

Ascend Marketing and Consulting is the leader in Bellevue and Seattle SEO, with a team of SEO Sherpas whose job is to make sure you get to the top.

One aspect of online marketing most don’t think about is the use of keyword research.  Every business has a different strategy and that strategy should be based around actual keyword research and driven towards results.  As our team works through the research and with you we’ll find the optimal way to move forward and set realistic expectations.

Focusing on the proper keywords is the key!

You could rank #1 for a keyword nobody searches for or rank in the 3rd spot for one everyone is searching and you’d get far more traffic in the 3rd spot under this scenario.  For this reason we’ve got to identify what you need to be ranked for in order to drive massive traffic to your site and generate lots of phone calls.

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