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Online Reputation Management

Managing your reputation is one of the most important aspects on online marketing. Potential customers are looking up reviews and testimonials about your company right now. Many times they’ve made a decision to hire you before they call. If your reviews look good all they will need to do is validate what others said about you by speaking with you and your company. As far as conversion in concerned, nothing holds a candle for unsolicited reviews from real customers. Managing your online reputation is becoming increasingly more and more important. People care about your reviews, Search Engines care about your reviews, and so should you!

Online Reputation Manangement

Reputation Management for Ascend Marketing

We want to highlight the good reviews and help correct the negative reviews. We want to influence and even control your business’s status and standing. This is called online reputation management. Let’s talk about our method!

The first thing we do is create a review portal which filters the good from the bad. The portal looks like this – (CLICK HERE)

Next we will give this very same portal a face lift and install it on your website.  The format is slightly different format, but the functionality is the same.  Notice the testimonial page on our website.

Finally we drive traffic through the “review funnel” gleaming testimonials from them. The good ones are posted online and on your website while the negative reviews are sent directly to you to be taken care of. See a complete and comprehensive explanation of the our review system – (CLICK HERE)

Some of the benefits of a review funnel are:

  • You’ll gain credibility throughout the online community as your good reviews grow and your negative reviews wither away.  Little by little leaving only positive vibes!
  • You’ll also increase the number of reviews on your own website as our portal searches online, gathers, and posts the good things people say about your company.
  • You’ll also have the ability to change the negative to positive.  As poor reviews pass through the funnel they are kicked out directly to your inbox.  Now it’s up to you!
  • You’ll also receive up to 200 business cards to distribute to all your customers. They’re probably happy to tell the world, now we’re just providing them that opportunity!
  • You won’t have to worry about keeping up with the system as we’re doing it for you.  All you’ve got to do is a good job and we will take care of the rest for you!


Take your reputation to the summit with Ascend Online Marketing!  425.998.7775

Reputation Management

  • We manage your reputation by creating a review portal for customers to pass through and leave reviews on their way by. This magic portal filters the good from the bad. Posts the good online and sends the bad to you!
  • Reputation management is essential if your business wants to grow. It’s the difference between convincing a customer to choose you vs validating what they’ve already seen online.