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About Remarketing, AdWords, and Placement Ads

Remarketing for Yext and Ascend, Remarketing and AdWords

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Remarketing (sometimes called Retargeting) is nothing more than a super clever way to get in front of visitors (who have visited your site with purchasing intent) over and over again. Visitors to your website who don’t make an immediate decision, when they first landed, on your website will be “marketed to again” or remarketed to. Remarketing allows you to position targeted ads in front of that customer who previously visited your site as they browse on other sites throughout the internet.

Remarketing is an ultra-powerful way to remind potential customers of your message and brand. We will create custom ads of all types and serve these ads to people on other’s sites. Your impression will be left over and over again as they search and shop elsewhere on the internet. As time progresses your ad will be served to more and more visitors many times reaching the tens of thousands! Yes, thousands and thousands of potential customers will be seeing your company on a daily basis!

Google AdWords, Ascend Marketing, Remarketing and AdWords

AdWords Ad in Blue

AdWords (also thought of as Google AdWords, or Pay-Per-Click, or PPC) is an advertising service offered by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google typically in the searches. This differs from SEO in the sense that SEO displays websites in the organic section (purple) while AdWords display on the top and right side of the searches (blue). For this type of online marketing a company will need to set a budget for advertising. The two compelling aspects of PPC is businesses only pay when people click the ads, and businesses can get an instant return on their marketing dollars.

Many people don’t realize PPC campaigns certainly do get better over time and the price per click should also decrease overtime. Most marketing companies also don’t realize SEO can greatly affect a PPC campaign. For ultimate effectiveness, both should be used congruently.

Placement Ads (also considered banner ads) are a wonderful way to target a specific demographic.  You’ll be able to target types of customers through location and interest.  Placement Ads are a powerful way to drive a specific type of traffic to your website by using the tremendously large and expansive ad network established by Google and Bing.  As your ideal client shops or browses websites of interest he/she will begin to see your customized message designed for him/her.  Placement Ads will be positioned in the same locations as remarketing ads would; the difference is a placement ad viewer hasn’t been to your site previously; thus creating new targeted traffic to your site.

Placement Ads, Remarketing and AdWords

All three of these marketing methods will create top of mind awareness and build your brand online.  These potential customers have either been to your website or are being directed because of genuine interest and intent.  If it’s not the right purchasing time for the visitor they will continue to see your customized massage over and over again.  You’ll be able to cultivate the prospect over time at their own pace.

To discuss whether a Placement Ad Campaign, Remarketing, and/or AdWords would be an effective program from your company and which would work best for your industry please call our Woodinville Office at 425.998.7775 or learn even more on LinkedIn.

Remarketing, Placement, and AdWords Campaigns

  • A full remarketing campaign is beneficial for most every industry and every niche. Don’t let visitors to your site forget why they came; market to them again and again with a full campaign. A full campaign will remove all restrictions and let you get in front of visitors as often as possible with tens of thousands of impressions monthly.
  • Still want to get in front of the people who left your site without calling or purchasing? You can with a LITE campaign. We’ll set a specific budget and we’ll serve ads to potential clients until we hit your target spend. Now you can still reach out again and again, but still have complete control over the monthly spend.
  • Drive traffic to your site with a proper AdWords campaign. You’ll only pay for the clicks that end up on your website. You’ll get instant traffic and instant business through PPC. We’ll help you set a “do not exceed budget” and your monthly spend will hit your target at a maximum. Control your marketing and budget with PPC.
  • Target your ideal customer’s location and interest with a placement ad campaign. You’ll be able to get your message in front of potential clients by selecting where the ads go online and to which geographical location. Placements ads are a great way to target the type of person you want as a client by using Google’s huge ad network.