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Graphic Design

Graphics tell your story with an image, logo, or overall design theme. It’s the communication of your ideas in a visual form. It’s been said a picture is worth a thousand words. Graphic design done well should tell your company story in those thousand words, and when it comes to graphic designers we have the best team around.  Our designers have worked on projects such as Halo, Gears of War, Xbox, Kinnect, Scholastic, Becker & Mayer, OR, and more!  G+

Logos and Marks

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Your logo is often the first impression people will have of your business. It should be clean, understandable and eye catching. A logo is a symbol, emblem, or design created by an organization in order to identify itself. Many times the logo has a graphic with words. The graphic without words is referred to as the “Mark”.

Company Branding and Graphics

package-design2How do you want to be represented? How do your customers see you? Would you be recognized in a crowd? Most businesses are looking for instant public recognition. Your logo,graphics, and the design of your company create branding opportunities which can help customers identify with you and feel comfortable about what you’re offering. Check out a typical branding package done by Ascend! (CLICK HERE)

The elements of great Graphic Design are...

  1. Creating the Perfect Graphic

Chaos with Love DARK LogoThe graphic is often what people think about when designing a logo or company design. You’ve got to make it count big time! The best design firms will make your professional graphic look good on all mediums whether it’s on stationary, apparel, advertisements, and especially online. You’ll want something professionally created just for you; something with an individual sentiment which was not created from clipart. You’ll also want something that can stand the test of time, like we hope your company will.
  1. Eye-Catching Colors

MCS Roofing LogoBelieve it or not, colors can have a big impact on your company’s business success. Colors can often times make us think of our favorite sports team or elicit a feeling from deep inside. So we’ve got to make this count big time! Since colors convey emotions start there. What is your goal? Are you looking to generate excitement or security? Color psychology is a true principle and holds a place in our emotional response. We’ll use this to our advantage. Keep in mind, most logos should only have 2 or 3 colors max.
  1. Text Logos and Marks

grantfranklinhomesMost logos are not going to go viral and be recognizable all by themselves. This is where a text logo, or a logo with text in it, might be just what you’re looking for. Here you can include the message you wish to convey or mention you’re a “Marketing Firm” or that you “Build Custom Homes”. We almost always try to create a “Mark” within the logo design and the words. A mark is the graphic all by itself without words. This will give your logo flexibility. We will also carefully choose fonts which will be portray your emotions and message.

Graphic Design

  • For a set price we meet, discuss, and analyze your initial design thoughts. We discuss colors, shapes, message, etc. After our first meeting we’ll quite literally go to the drawing board and produce 3 potential versions of the design or logo. Many times this is all it takes. If not we can, make up to 3 edits in this package.
  • In our larger package we have the flexibility to do just about anything we can think of together. Here we can create more complex logos, run unlimited edits, create design packages for fleet vehicles, billboards, flyers, print materials, etc. Since designs can be personal we have the ability to tailor and customize to your needs without the constraints of a set price.