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Bellevue SEO: Your website ensures your online presence but not on Search Engines. Is your website alone enhancing your business?Bellevue SEO Ascend Marketing and Consulting has dedicated enormous amounts of research on the very best methods of Bellevue SEO following the Google algorithms closely to place your site right near the top of the Search Engines. Ascend Marketing will not only optimize your website, but build your virtual market reputation which impacts your sales and brand as well. We are expert in our trade, we are dedicate to your professions , we are devoted to research. We are keen in learning zero periodic updates continuously on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We study and use the best advice from the top intellectuals in the industry and don’t compromise quality or service in regards to our customers.

Bellevue SEO Details:

Ascend Marketing and Consulting’s Primarily Bellevue SEO strategized in 4 Phase:

  • Investigation, Research and Analysis
  • ON-Page Optimization or ON Page SEO
  • OFF-Page Optimization or OFF Page SEO
  • Reporting, Monitoring & Evolution through Adjustment.

Investigation, Research and Analysis:

Actually Ascend Marketing and Consulting starts its Bellevue SEO Process from customer interviews to determine the Business and ideal visitors. Once this fundamentals is completed the SEO Experts go through a wide Web Research to identify the current state of your website based on following parameters:

  • What is the Domain Age?
  • Does the site De-indexed ever?
  • Is the site built using CMS or purely Coded?
  • Who are your Competitors and what are their Domain Names?
  • Is the site heavily Coded or Light and Clean Up?
  • Have all pages Google Index?
  • Is there any Copied Content or NOT?
  • What are the Google PR and Alexia PR?
  • What are currently used Keywords in all Page of the site?
  • What is the Number of Global Monthly Search, Number of Local Monthly Search,
  • Competition, Average Cost Per Click(PPC) in Google Adwords and Total Number of  Search in Google,Yahoo as well as Bing?
  • What is the total Number of Back links and External Link in the site and their ratio?
  • Is there any External Link from any Bad neighborhoods?
  • Does the site been SEO ever? If So does it participate in any “ Link Schemes” or other questionable Practices?
  • What is site Lording duration and all browser compatibility in all devises?
  • Does the robots.txt file properly Set up?
  • Are there any Bad or Dead Link in the site?
  • All the “alt” attributes well planed or not?
  • Do all the page title are unique and proper?
  • Do all the internal and external link is properly use of Anchor text?
  • Are all Header tags, Video and site hierarchy well defined, optimized and Organized?

Based on the above details information of Ascend Marketing and Consulting  Research Team and Bellevue SEO Experts will develop an efficient and well defined plan to optimize your website. In addition to this the SEO Experts conduct extensive Keyword and Competition Analysis to determine area of SEO Operation as per effective priority.

ON-Page Optimization or ON Page SEO:

Ascend Marketing and Consulting Bellevue ON-Page Optimization or SEO Team directly remain associated with our customer website for technical SEO activities which includes:

  • Code Clean-up
  • Site Architecture Re-adjustment
  • Indexing to multiple Search Engine
  • Introducing RSS feed
  • Provide accurate and effective webpage titles
  • Provide recommendation on additional page content
  • Tweaking current web content
  • Setting-Up appropriate image “alt” attributes
  • Review and modify of “robots” meta tag
  • Internal Linking or developing Link Wheel
  • Eye Catchy relevant link with “Description Tag”
  • Review Server Configuration and recommendation.

The above mentions steps also include lots of sub-tasks and time consuming jobs and we’re up for it!  We are professionals and have a very personalized approach to customer satisfaction.  We believe it shows through our dedication to your online marketing campaign.

OFF-Page Optimization or OFF- Page SEO:

Generally OFF-page SEO is done after completing ON-Page SEO but Ascend Marketing moves both SEO Steps simultaneously to have rapid introduction with Search Engine and targeted visitors. Bellevue SEO OFF-Page Optimization or OFF- Page SEO Team also remain conscious regarding customer budget while preparing OFF-Page SEO Plan depending on goals. Ascend Marketing’s OFF-Page SEO Services Includes:

  • Link building
  • Social Networking
  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC
  • Social bookmarking
  • Press releases
  • 100% Unique Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Some web based ads
  • Appropriate forum posts (no spamming)
  • Appropriate blog comment posts (no spamming)

Ascend Marketing and Consulting  has its unique and well established 21 Golden SEO Formula to Optimized your site at the top of Search Engine. Our SEO Tactics is not static but change with the change of Google and others Search Engine algorithms.

Reporting, Monitoring & Evolution through Adjustment:

Ascend Marketing and Consulting provides activity and Performance report on daily, weekly as well as monthly basis through its own online portal to its honorable customers. We will not only optimized your site but also keep on monitoring and evaluate the competitors to take action through adjustment using Golden SEO formula.

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