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Directory Listings and Business Directories

Directories are niche websites with company profiles. These profiles highlight individual businesses.  Typically the business owner will create a business profile about their company in the directory listing. This listing or profile will be for potential customers to view.  Most of the time customers and clients can write reviews about said company. In many cases the clients or customers can write reviews about their experience inside the directory on the businesses profile. See our listing on Manta as an example.

Why is it Important to Get Listed in Directories?Yext-Partner-logo

Directory listings are a powerful method in building links to your website. When you get your company listed in numerous directories the number of inbound links to your website will increase. These links will not only drive traffic and visitors to your site but they will assist in ranking your website for specific niche keywords in your industry. Start bringing new customers to your site today.

A Few of the Business Directory Listings we work with

A Few of the Business Directory Listings we work with

How do Business Directories Drive Traffic?

Most of your potential customers will search for information about your local product or service, and inevitably most of them will find their way onto a local business directory. These directories have huge online marketing budgets and are constantly working on bringing people to their website. We leverage their efforts by creating business listings on their platforms for your company. These directories will typically rank high for your industry specific search term so you’ll get ranked indirectly and you’ll appear high in the local directory for that search term. One important side benefit is the mentions of your business for those terms which may can help your site rank in local searches as well!

Your first step in claiming your business listings starts now.  Get your FREE Business Scan Now.  Simply fill out the form and submit!

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Directory Listings

  • Create, monitor, update, and manage your profile in 60+ business directories. Unify your message across the web, create more opportunities for people to find your business, and build powerful and permanent backlinks to your website.
  • Suppress double listings online which can get you penalized in searches, muddy your message, and hurt your reputation. Now potential customers will see the message you want them to see rather than an empty profile or wrong phone number.
  • Copy and Paste the URL's into your browsers. | Free Business Listings Guide: http://ascendmarketingnow.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Ascend-Marketing-and-Consulting-Directory-Listings-Presentation.pdf | FREE Business listings Scan: http://ascendmarketingnow.com/online-business-listings/
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