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What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing

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To understand content marketing it’s important to first understand what content is.  Content is the “stuff” you go to look at.

You watch YouTube for the videos.  In that case, the video is the content.  If you read an article about “how to cook a salmon” the words and pictures in the article are the content.  If you were building a fire, content would be the wood.

Content comes in many forms: Videos, Audios, Text, Photos, Graphics and so on.   Without it there is nothing to view, read, watch, or listen to.  It is the building block of all internet marketing.  If there is nothing to look at there is no reason to market.  Can you imagine going to a website with nothing on it?  There is a saying in online marketing; Content is King; because without it nothing works.  Another saying is that Video is the king of content.

So what is content marketing?  It’s the production and optimization of that content.  Content marketing is making blogs, videos, pictures, and putting them out there on the web so people will find them and be guided back to the source.  That source can be your website, your YouTube channel, or your blog.  It’s like fishing.  You throw some content on a hook and put it out in the water.  The more hooks you have in the water the better chance you have of catching a fish.

BUT, content alone won’t get it done!  That content needs to be optimized.  This might be the difference between a blogger who puts a ton of content out and only has a few followers vs. a blogger with tons of people reading his/her content every time something new comes out.  Optimization of that content is getting the search engines to pick it up and getting your content in front of people searching for what you’re writing.  Another way to say it might be that we tell Google what your content is about and we tell Google it’s the most important content about the particular subject out there.  That is optimizing your content, and that’s the name of the game.

A typical strategy for content marketing might be the production and optimization of 3 videos and 2 blog posts per month.  We would target a certain demographic and create the content for that specific demographic.  Next month we would continue on the same path with a different demographic.  Before too long you would have lots of hooks in the water and you would start catching fish, but not just fish, the type of fish you want.  Beautiful!

Content Marketing

  • Create videos designed around industry specific keywords; then optimize the videos. This will tell the search engines your video is the most important piece of content in your industry related to that keyword. 3-4 videos per month are recommended. Videos can be shot live, picture slideshows, testimonials, animation, etc.
  • Write blogs with industry specific keywords in mind; something a real human might “Google Search”. Then optimize the blog post for that specific keyword or set of keywords. We would also categorize the posts and interlink them to create an authority link centered around the most searched keywords in your particular industry. A minimum of 1 post per week would be a strong campaign. 100 blog posts roughly equal a 25% boost in traffic.
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