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Who is Ascend?

Ascend Marketing is a group of internet marketing experts each specializing  in specific segments of online marketing who have come together as one group to create whole marketing.  Ascend has gathered the best graphic designers, web engineers, SEO experts, social media gurus and more.  All efforts are lead and organized through the owner, Micah Valentine.

Founder: Micah Valentine

Micah Valentine

Micah Valentine

Micah is an organizer, an articulator, and a leader.  He had a vision to create a marketing company which could market to a variety of businesses in a comprehensive way; so he created Ascend.

His background has always been in entrepreneurship.  Even as a young boy he watched his father successfully build, buy, and sell a number of businesses relating anywhere from finance to tourism.

Micah’s first successful business was CMC auto detailing in high school.  He has also owned, operated, or participated in several other companies since his youth.

After High School; Micah served an LDS mission in Central America where he organized and managed large groups of people for 2 years.  He loved his work in shaping leadership efforts and training the hundreds of missionaries within the Central American countries where he served.  It was there where he learned to speak fluent Spanish.

Soon after his service, and a brief stint in Australia playing soccer, he received a full ride scholarship to play in Virginia where he became an All-American, and team captain his senior year.

Micah Graduated with a BA in Business Management and Marketing as well as a minor in Spanish.  Even through college Micah ran and marketed his own RX Medical business, worked as a Spanish Interpreter, and interned with State Farm Insurance.

Following his graduation he began to do what his father did, build businesses.  Some of the most notable are Social Rocketship (an international marketing agency) and Pro Roofing NW.

These experiences have lead Micah to create Ascend Marketing and Consulting; where now he can incorporate his knowledge and capabilities in creating a comprehensive online marketing company which can offer a well-rounded campaign for any business wanting to market over the internet.

Micah lives in the Seattle area with Tiana Valentine, his wife, and their 4 daughters Karma, Veraty, Xela, and Nova.

Ascend logo:

Ascend Your Marketing Now! Your Online Marketing Sherpas!

Ascend Mark

Our logo is a representation of our commitment to excellence.  Many factors go into logo design such as color, shape, and symbolism.

Color, Glacier Blue:  We chose glacier blue because of the symbol of mountains and the quest to reach the metaphorical top, as well as our founders love for mountains and glacier travel.  Micah is an avid mountaineer and has climbed almost every major peak in the US.

Symbol and Shape:  Our logo makes an observable mountain with the founders initials woven into it; MV.  It also symbolizes an arrow pointing up; ratifying our stance of constant improvement and dedication to an upward path.

Ascend Name:

We decided on Ascend not only because of our obvious and well documented love for snowy peaks, but because The challenges found in mountaineering parallel those that come with building a new business Whether that path is ascending up the search engine rankings in search of the top or using social media to stand out among your peers.  Ascend Marketing has the expertise that will take you to the top.

Ascend Slogan: “your online marketing sherpas”

Micah Valentine, Ascend Founder

Micah Valentine on Mt Baker. (click to enlarge)

What is a sherpa? Sherpa is the name given to Tibetan and Nepalese people of the Himalayas who have a natural aptitude for hard work and climbing at high altitudes. Generally they work as guides and use their instincts, along with years of training, to assist mountaineers on unfamiliar and challenging climbs.  Sherpas are renowned for summiting Everest in record time.  Just as a sherpa travels step-by-step with an ambitious climber, Ascend Marketing is your guide to the summit.



There are many talented designers, artists, SEO masters, and social media experts, but no company brings them together like Ascend does.  Nobody can help you to the top of your mountain like Ascend Marketing and Consulting.  Start your journey today by calling 360.553.1043